1000L--20000L/H Automatic UHT Pipe Sterilizer for Juice with Easy Maintenance

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: PLS
Certification: ISO 9001, CE
Model Number: PLS-UHT
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Sea worthy packages
Delivery Time: 60-90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20 sets/month
Detail Information
Capacity: 1000-20000L/H Application: Milk, Juice, Beverage, Flavored Milk, Dairy, Soy Milk
Sterilization Temperature: 130-139℃ Holding Time: 5S
Control Way: Automatic Dimension: 4500mm*2200mm*2000mm
Warranty: 1 Year After-Sales Service: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
High Light:

high temperature sterilizer


electric milk pasteurizer

Product Description

Automatic UHT Pipe sterilizer

1000L--20000L/H Automatic UHT Pipe Sterilizer for Juice with Easy Maintenance 0

It is made up of tubular heat exchanger, balancing tank, centrifugal sanitary pump, hot water device, frame and control unit and etc. Materials will be pushed into balancing tank first, then transferred to heat exchanger by centrifugal sanitary pump, pre-heated, homogenized, temperature improved and be hold for a while, heat will be recycled, finally the qualified products will be finished. It is widely used in high, middle and low-density liquid aseptic filling line and pasteurized milk production line.


I. Advantages:      


1. High reliability

1000L--20000L/H Automatic UHT Pipe Sterilizer for Juice with Easy Maintenance 1

Products are produced in a completely closed system during the whole process, there’s no second pollution point. It has separate pipe sterilizing system and automatic cleaning in place system. PLC will automatically control the procedure of sterilizing and cleaning. Considering feature of fluid liquid, it minimum the numbers of ends (such as “T” joint) in pipe design. It fully takes advantages of heat function and mechanical function in design the cleaning procedure. So, the safety and cleanness had been improved effectively.


2. High quality products

It is designed based on precise calculation of heat exchange. The rising of products’ temperature is accurate, the exchange area and technology of cooling are accurate. Products can be processed continuously in short time to be chilled or heated treatment. It makes products with more flavor and nutrition without germs. It attached multiply cooling phase; outlet temperature is adjustable, more suitable for cold filling.


3. Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance

1000L--20000L/H Automatic UHT Pipe Sterilizer for Juice with Easy Maintenance 2

It adopts multiply sleeve tubes mode; it contains several parallel inner tubes in one outer tube. Multiple outer tubes are combined together by U shape tubes. Products flow inside the inner tubes, heating medium flow backwardly in the outer tubes, thus heat exchanging is successfully happened on the inner tubes wall. Numbers and diameters of each tube can be adjusted to fit for producing different products. It adopts unique floating head and double sealing design in both inner tubes and outer tubes. It can avoid problems caused by heat expansion and contamination caused by contacting. Besides, the design is also convenient for pipe checking and maintenance. It can bear higher products pressure, allow max. pressure lower 100bar.


4. Long service time

It chooses the best quality pipes and materials to manufacture so the heat exchanging pipe has good heat transfer efficiency. It chooses international famous brand in control components, including programmable controller, intelligent touched screen, electrical components, steam adjusting valve, reducing valve, seat valve, automatic angle valve, constant pressure valve, hot water pump, products pump and etc. The equipment is in high quality, high heat transfer efficiency, high temperature difference control precision, stable system running and long service life.


5. Easy operation and high production efficiency

1000L--20000L/H Automatic UHT Pipe Sterilizer for Juice with Easy Maintenance 3

During the production, just operate the touched screen, the system will automatically complete all the action including pump and valves’ open and close, sterilizing temperature’s adjusting. Self-provided CIP cleaning system can achieve automatic cleaning in place (CIP), and do not rely on the starting of CIP system on plant main line. All imported control components are of international famous brands with accuracy and quality reliably guaranteed. Simple and convenient maintenance. During the maintenance, only O rings require changing, and there is no need to use any heavy tools. The manufacturing materials are completely in accordance with GMP standard for food factories and GTAW welding technology is adopted according to ASME welding standard. The equipment can be designed into electrical appliance-controlled type according to customer requirements. It can be designed into pasteurizer (PUT) and high temperature sterilizer (HTST) according to the requirements of sterilizing temperature of products.


6. Equipment applicable range

Aseptic normal temperature / cold canning production line for milk, fruit juice, color milk, soy milk, non-active fermented lactobacillus beverage, allocated lactobacillus beverage, tea beverage and other plant protein beverage. It is also applicable to non-aseptic production line. Heat treatment of other liquid food with high viscosity such as ice cream, artificial cream, jam and ketchup etc.


II. Technial Parameters:


Name UHT-1000 UHT-2000 UHT-3000 UHT-4000 UHT-5000 UHT-6000 UHT-8000 UHT-10000
Capacity (L/H) 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10
Heat exchange area (m2) 20 28 35 45 52 60 75 88
Inlet (℃) ≤15 ≤15 ≤15 ≤15 ≤15 ≤15 ≤15 ≤15
Outlet (℃) ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25
Design temp.(℃) 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
Holding time (S) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Ice water inlet temp. (℃) ≤2 ≤2 ≤2 ≤2 ≤2 ≤2 ≤2 ≤2
Ice water times (L/H) 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000 24000 30000
Cooling water times (L/H) 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 16000 20000
Hot water times (L/H) 1500 3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 12000 15000
Steam inlet pressure (Mpa) ≥0.5 ≥0.5


≥0.5 ≥0.5 ≥0.5



Steam usage (kg/h) 200 250 330 410 480 550 650 780
Weight(kg) 1600 2000 2400 2600 2800 3000 3800 4200

III. Main Components:

No. Name Description Qty. Brand
1. Main tube heat exchanger PLS-UHT- 1 PLS
2. Balance tank 300L 1 PLS
3. Hot water tank 150L 1 PLS

Centrifugal sanitary pump

(Frequency converter)


Cleaning booster pump

(Frequency converter)

6. S.S hot water pump of low temperature phase CDLF12 1 FCNP
7. Two-position four-way auto valve Pneumatic 1 APV or Alfa Laval or INOXPA
8. Two-position three-way auto valve Pneumatic 2 APV or Alfa Laval or INOXPA
9. Flow meter (Raw material)   1 Rosemont
10. Control panel S.S.



PLC programmer



Touch screen 1 Siemens
Electrical units Multiple Schneider
Temperature sensor Multiple JUMO
Magnetic valve Multiple FESTO
11. Steam reducing valve Diaphragm 1 SPIRAX SARCO
12. Steam adjusting valve Pneumatic adjusting valve 1 SPIRAX SARCO
13. Steam filter   1 SPIRAX SARCO
14. Steam trap valve   1 SPIRAX SARCO
15. Back pressure valve ∮25 2 APV or Alfa Laval or INOXPA
16. Manual butterfly valve ∮25 Multiple Shanghai
17. Manual ball valve ∮25 Multiple Shanghai
18. Manual three-way ball valve ∮25 Multiple Shanghai
19. Auto angle valve ∮25 Multiple GEMU or Burkert
20. Auto angle valve with controlling unit ∮25 Multiple GEMU or Burkert
21. Pneumatic butterfly valve ∮25 Multiple APV or Alfa Laval or INOXPA
22. Float flow meter (Hot water)   2 China
23. Compressed air reducing valve   3 FESTO
24. Frame S.S. 1 PLS
25. Tubular steam air exchanger   1 PLS
26. Liquid sensor   1 FINETEK
27. Diaphragm pump   1 WILLDEN
28. Signal way valve ∮25 Multiple Shanghai
29. Acid alkali tank with truck 100 L×2 1 PLS
30. Pipes, joints, temperature gauge, stop valve, pneumatic controller Multiple
31. Pipes (plunger valve, filter, flange, pressure gauge, stop valve) 1 group




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