Stable Operation Fruit Juice Production Line , Juice Filling Machine Easy Maintaining

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: PLS
Certification: ISO 9001, CE
Model Number: PLS-1500L/H
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 line
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Sea Worthy Packaging
Delivery Time: 60-90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20 lines/year
Detail Information
Capacity: 1500-6000L/H Volume: 200ml, 250ml, 330ml, 1000ml
Application: Juice, Beverage Raw Material: Fresh Fruit, Concentrate Juice
Filling Temperature: 0~40°C Control: Automatic, Manual
Warranty: 1 Year After-Sales Service: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
High Light:

apple juice production line


beverage production line

Product Description

Juice Processing Line, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Mango Juice

1. Multiple Usage: The filler provide a comprehensive range of different bottle sizes (height 150-320mm, Dia. 50-100mm)

2. Easy adjustment: An automatic height adjust device is available which offers you very easy operation only by pressing a button. For filling different size of bottles, relative parts can be easily and quickly changed without tools.

3. Advanced construction features: The filler carousel is mounted on a huge heavy duty combined bearing, which guarantees optimum smooth running of the filling bowl. The centering bell assemblies precisely locate the necks of bottles onto filling valves. The design of suspended and cantilevered bottle lift cylinders and bottle platforms allows easy, unrestricted remove of broken glass following bottle explosion which, with the addition of well protective of piston rods, minimizes the risk of damage of sliding surface of cylinders.


Syrup Storage Tank 
  1. Usage: storage the syrup from the syrup center
  2. Material:SUS304
  3. Components: CIP inletφ38,rotary spray ball, Digit Thermometer, High and low level, closed manhole, Breath hole, ladder, Outlet: φ63, inletφ63(side inlet and anti foam)
  4. Holding layer material: Polyurethane foam thickness is 50mm
  5. Agitator: frame type, horizontal, 2.2KW, Vortex eliminator


Emulsification Tank 

  1. Usage: mix the concentrate juice, ingredients, syrup with water
  2. Material: SUS 304, square type, bottom agitator
  3. Components: CIP inletφ38;water inletφ51, rotary spray ball;E+H low level sensor, Closed manhole, Breath hole
  4. Holding layer material: Polyurethane foam, Thickness is 50mm
  5. Agitator: horizontal, 18.5KW


Mixing Tank 

  1. Usage: mixing the juice and fix the capacity
  2. Material: SUS 304
  3. Components: CIP inletφ38;water inletφ38, rotary spray ball;Glass liquid level, Digit Thermometer, inlet φ51(side in), breath hole, light
  4. Holding layer material: Polyurethane foam, Thickness is 50mm
  5. Agitator: horizontal, 3kw, Vortex eliminator

Double -Filters

  1. Usage: filter all dirties of the juice, the filters can work at the same Time, and if one has any blocks, one can keep works
  2. Material: SUS304
  3. Components: inlet/outlet Ø51, frame, each filters with a dirty
  4. Discharge valve, juice outlet is 80 mushes, syrup outlet is 80mushes

Plate Heat Exchanger 

  1. Usage: when UHT has any problems, the heat exchanger will cool down the treated juice to 15 degree for short storage
  2. Material: SUS 304, material of rubber: NBR
  3. Type of plate ripple: herringbone ripple (BR series)



Stable Operation Fruit Juice Production Line , Juice Filling Machine Easy Maintaining 0

I. Working condition:

1. Material treating capacity:7000 L/h

2. Material inlet temperature: ≤25℃

(It can be made according to special requirements of customers.)

3. Steam working pressure:≥0.5Mpa

4. Steam wastage:≈450Kg/0.5Mpa

5. Ice water in temperature: ≤2℃

6. Cooling water in temperature:≤30℃

7. Equipment using water: purity water;

8. Compressed air working pressure:≥0.5Mpa (no water, no oil)

9. Electrical: 3 phase, 50 hertz, 380 volts

II. Design requirements:

1. Sterilize temperature: Touching screen panel free adjust≤139℃/(5S/10s/30s), automatic setting.

2. Filling temperature:24℃(Free adjusting)

3. Temperature holding and time:137℃/5S(design as fact condition)

4. Homogenizing temperature:65℃-75℃(free adjust)

5. Hot-water working temperature:139℃

6. With automatic alarming and fault treating system, reduced output of inequality products..

7. The true dialogue of man and machine automatic control system any workers can operate after simple training.

8. Pre-sterilize,auto-change during produce process automatic PLC control.

9. With CIP cleaning system can fulfill auto-CIP, not depend on the start of workshop’s main CIP.

10. All control units are imported international brand, which promise precise control and good quality.

11. Have communicated joint with aseptic filling machine, promise the output of good quality products. Convenient maintenance during maintenance only O-ring needs to change.

12. Material satisfy food factor’s GMP standard, according to ASME welding, adopt GTAW welding craft ship.


III. Main spare parts

No. Name Specifications Manufacturer Qty.
1. Exchanger main body UHT- PLS 1
2. Pipe     1
3. Balance tank 150L PLS 1
4. Hot water tank 100L PLS 1
5. Centrifugal pump 10T/H-50M NISSIN or YUANAN 1
6. Vertical pump 10T/H-50M GRUNDFOS 1
7. SUS hot water pump 10T/H-50M Shanghai 1
8. Four phase valve Pneumatic Shanghai 1
9. Three phase valve Pneumatic   2
10. Control box SUS Shanghai 1
11. PLC programmer   Siemens 1
12. Temperature recorder   Shanghai 1
13. Touch screen   Siemens 1
14. Electrical units   Shanghai Several
15. Temperature sensor   Shanghai Several
16. Magnetic valve   Shanghai Several
17. Steam reducing valve Diaphragm Shanghai 1
18. Steam adjusting valve Pneumatic adjusting valve Shanghai 1
19. Pressure-counter valve ∮51 APV 2
20. Manual butterfly valve ∮51 Shanghai 6-8
21. Manual ball valve ∮51 Shanghai 2-3
22. Manual three phase ball valve ∮51 Shanghai 2
23. Auto angle valve ∮51 APV 6-8
24. Pneumatic butterfly valve ∮51 APV



25. Compressed air reducing valve   FENSTON 3
26. Frame   PRECISE 1
27. Heat exchanger   PRECISE 1
28. Liquid sensor   FANYI 1
29. Diaphragm pump     1
30. Signal valve ∮51 PLS 4
31. Acid-lye container for CIP 200 L×2   2


Stable Operation Fruit Juice Production Line , Juice Filling Machine Easy Maintaining 1

I. Homogenizer principle:

The mixed medium go into and pass the homogenizing valve as the high-pressure state, and in a short time as the sudden releasing of the pressure power formed the effect of the strong gas eroding, whorl moving, striking, etc., to reach the result of thinning.

Material requests: Liquid matter with milk, oil or the grain mix liquid


Aseptic brick filling machine 

Stable Operation Fruit Juice Production Line , Juice Filling Machine Easy Maintaining 2

1,Model : PBA16000

2,Filling Product

Type: liquid and non viscous products (milk, yoghurt, juice, soy milk, and tea beverage PH: 2.5-8.0 Products viscosity: below 30CPD


a,6000-8000 packs /H(1000ML)

b,8000-10000 packs/H(500ML)

4,Filling size

Filling size: 125S,200S,250B,250S,1000S

Filling Precision :±1.5%

5,Product supply

a,supply pressure: 0.8~2.5±0.5bar

b,supply temperature: 5-50℃

c,product joint: 2S-SMS standard screw thread

6,Electrical parameters

a,supply pressure: 380±10%V

b,current frequency: 50HZ

c,pipe sealing power: 6KW

d,heating power: 23KW

e,sterilize power: 30KW

f,producing power: 36KW

g,heat sealing frequency: 400-600KHZ;

h,electrical cabinet: 28-35℃.

7,Compressed air supply

a,pressure: 600-700KPa

b,alarm pressure: 600KP

c,usage: 450L/min

d,quality requirement: filtered, dry, water removal and oil removal

e,joint: (3/4)S-SMS standard screw thread

8,Steam supply

a,pressure: 170±30KPa

b,inlet temperature: 125-140℃

C,usage: 2.5Kg/h

d,quality requirement: food level

e,joint: G1/2- screw thread

9,soft water supply

a,pressure: 300-450KPa

b,temperature: : ≤30℃

c,usage: 15L/min

d,quality requirements: hardness less than 17 degree

e,joint: S-SMS standard screw thread

10,Cooling water supply

a,pressure: 300-450KPa;

b,temperature: ≤20℃;

c,quality requirements: hardness less than17 degree,

The concentration of chloride ion is less than 30ppm

d,joint: 1S-SMS standard screw thread

11,H202 supply

a,concentration: 35-50%(food level);

b,usage: 4L/H;

12 ,packaging material: :

a,diameter of paper roll: <=¢1100MM

b,diameter of roller core: ¢152MM

c,diameter of PP roller: ¢230MM

d,diameter of PP roller core: ¢74MM

e,joint: package and pp auto connect


a,conveyor: chain

b,speed of conveyor : 20-32mmin

c,outlet height : 750-800mm


Touch screen, on-line moving detect

15,environments temperature

a,highest temperature: 45℃;

b,lowest temperature: 5℃;

c,recommend temperature: 15-30℃.


Standard : ≤78db.

17,Machine wight:

a,≥500ML: 6500KG


Hot water tank 

  1. Usage: hot water
  2. Material: Insulation tank, Body SUS304
  3. Components: Hanging ladder, bottom temperature sensor, Anti-leaking pipe, Outlet :Ø63;Input:Ø63 Dirty discharge:tank bottom Ø51mmLiquid level:high, middle, low level , CIP input:Ø38mm;Spray ball, Ø45mm Breath :Ø125mm,Manhole :Ø436mm

Plate Heat exchanger

  1. Usage: temperature up
  2. Material: SUS 304, rubber cushion: fluorine rubber
  3. Type of plate ripple: herringbone ripple (BR series) Heat exchanging area of single plate: 0.26m2

Vertical water pump 

  1. Usage: water pump
  2. Materials:SUS 304
  1. Production ability:Q=20000L/H
  2. Pump height:H=36m
  3. Motor:4Kw

Acid & Alkali tank 

  1. Usage: acid and lye tank
  2. Material: Inner: 316L,exterior: SUS304
  3. Components: Feet: round feet, height is 650mm

Return: 2 holes ×φ51 φ89mm

Outlet:2 holes ×φ51 φ89mm

Dirty discharge:tank bottom φ63mm

Liquid level: glass level , CIP φ38mm;Spray ball, φ45mm

Holding layer: PU, Thickness is 50mm,Breath :φ125mm,

Acid and alkali add hole:φ25mm;,compressed air inlet: φ25mm;water inlet:φ51mm, Manhole :φ436mm


Pure water tank 

  1. Usage: pure water
  2. Material: Single layer SUS304
  3. Components: Outlet :2 holes ×φ51

Feet :Round, height is 650mm

Dirty discharge:tank bottomφ51mm, Liquid level: glass level ,CIP φ38mm;ball, φ45mm,Breath :φ125mm,, Manhole :φ436mm


Hot water tank 

  1. Usage: hot water
  2. Material: SUS304
  1. Components: Return :2 holes ×φ51 φ89mm

Outlet :2 holes ×φ51 φ89mm

Feet :Round, height is 650mmm Dirty discharge:bottom ,φ63mm, Liquid level: glass , CIP φ38mm;ball φ45mm, Holding layer: PU, Thickness is 50mm, Breath :φ125mm,manhole:φ436mm


Tubular heat exchanger

  1. Usage: increase the temperature △25℃
  2. Material: SUS 304


Thick acid and lye tank 

  1. Usage: thick acid and lye
  2. Material: single layer, 316L, top half open


Centrifugal pump 

  1. Usage: used for pump CIP
  1. Materials:SUS 304
  2. Production ability:Q=20000L/H
  3. Pump height:H=36m
  4. Motor:5.5Kw




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